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Creative Kids’ Menus


Designing a menu specifically for kids can be challenging to satisfy both parents and children. With the proper selection, kids’ menus can make dining more fun and add valuable revenue for your establishment. Use these easy tips to ensure a successful menu and simplify the serving process for little diners.

  • Custom Creations

Allow kids to customize their meals. This can include offering a variety of exchangeable side options or letting kids upgrade to a specialty drink. Giving kids more customizable options helps them become more involved in the ordering process and makes it easy to accommodate dietary restrictions.

  • Healthy Options

Include healthier, parent-approved food options, like lean meats and vegetables, into the menu selections. These options can include less calories, gluten-free, or dairy-free choices to meet allergy and diet restrictions.

  • Simple Servings

Don’t overcomplicate kids’ menu options. Keep things simple by preparing the meals with ingredients you already use in your restaurant. Consider scaling down adult-size portions into manageable sizes can help cut costs and save your staff time during preparation.

  • Fast & Fun

Keep the menu options easy-to-read and fun-to-eat to hold the attention spans of little diners. Get playful by utilizing fresh shapes, molds, or bright colors in the food.