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Beer Season


Tap into savings with our latest beer essentials promotion running through June 1, 2016. Summer is less than one month away which means the busy bar season is quickly approaching. Use this promotion to stock your bar for the season and save. Choose from products from Anchor, Carlisle, True, and Fruit Fly Bar Pro.

Get Free Shipping on All Anchor Beer Glasses + Save an Extra 10% on Select Products
Need to restock on glassware? Anchor offers a large variety of beer mugs, glasses and accessories to fit the needs of your restaurant. Customers are often afraid to try new drinks and be stuck with a full glass of a beer that they do not like. Give them more options and flexibility with an Anchor beer tasting paddle and 5 oz tasting glasses. Select products are also available with bulk discounts allowing you to save even more.

Save 20% on Select Carlisle Beer Glasses & Pitchers
Tired of your glassware breaking? Carlisle offers various beer mugs, pitchers, and cups made of polycarbonate that are perfect for the upcoming summer beer season. These products look and feel like glass, but they eliminate the danger of dropping and breaking. Polycarbonate products are dishwasher safe and lightweight. Stock up on these products in order to make this outdoor dining season a breeze.

Save 10% on Select Carlisle Serving Trays
Do you have large drink orders coming in at one time? Carlisle serving trays will eliminate the hassle of only having two hands. Serve multiple tables at one time with these trays that reduce slipping and sliding which can lead to broken glassware and/or spilled drinks. Impress customers with shorter drink ticket times, and reduce the amount of time drinks are sitting on the bar waiting to be delivered.

Save $15 on Fruit Fly BarPro Fruit Fly Strips
Have you had enough of pesky fruit flies and bugs? Fruit Fly BarPro will kill flies, moths, cockroaches and spiders the instant it is exposed to the air. This silent and odorless treatment will kill bugs in 200 cubic feet of space and last for up to 4 months.

Get Free Shipping on All True Beer Dispensers & Coolers
Do you like warm beer? Neither do we. Use this free shipping offer to save on all True beer dispensers and coolers. Keep beer chilled and optimal temperatures with these products made in the USA. Help your staff quickly store and serve cold drinks with a new cooler from True.

This promotion is only valid through June 1, 2016. If you have any questions regarding products, pricing, or placing an order, call our team of product experts at (800) 892-3622.

“Stay Cool. Stay Productive”


Do you find yourself losing money during the hot summer months from vacant patio seats? Or maybe you have a food truck and you notice that business is slow on hot days. Portacool now has a way for you to fill those seats and increase your business with the Port-A-Cool PACCYC02 Black Cyclone Evaporative Cooler. This cyclone unit is easy to operate and produces cold air anywhere. Portacool units consume up to 80% less energy than typical air conditioning systems and are a great way to keep your customers happy and your employees productive.


Product Features
30 mph velocity
Two speeds
500 s.f. cooling capacity
10 gallon water reservoir
31” H x 24” W x 25” D
61 lbs
Made in the USA

Don’t own a restaurant or a food truck? Portacool units can also be used in many other environments:
Catering events (weddings, parties, etc.)
Golf courses
Concession stands
Sporting events
Valet stations
Pool areas

Still want to know more? Check out the video below.

How To: Handle Smokers

The times are changing, and smoking indoors is nowhere near as accepted or legally available indoors as it once was. On the other hand, more than nicotine cigarettes are becoming available, and cigar bars have found their own niche. Starbucks has drawn a line at their cafes, prohibiting anyone from smoking within 25 feet of their establishments (mainly, you won’t be able to sit outside and have a cigarette as you enjoy your half-caf mocha chai tea latte). The rule is exempt from some 4,000 unique Starbucks, such as ones located in Target or Barnes & Noble, and ones where Starbucks-owned property extends 15 feet, anyone beyond 15 feet may smoke.

With these changing worlds and rules regarding smoking, just how should you continue to contain the smoke?


  • … look into your local rules and regulations regarding smoking. Wikipedia is a great starting point to gain a general overview of how this varies from state to state, and where movements seem to be going.
  • … be respectful when it comes to asking people not to smoke. Point out legal regulations and the concerns and safety of others. Instead of throwing them out on the street, allow them to end their cigarette and go about their meal.

Be Careful…

  • … when considering the concept of a “smokeasy”. Like “speakeasies” of the past, a smokeasy is a business or restaurant that operates and allows smoking, despite local or federal regulations to the contrary. They may consider the fines and fees associated part of their business, and outweighed by the business they’ll receive from it.
  • … and note that electronic cigarettes (commonly referred to as “e-cigarettes” or “personal vaporizer”) are not the exact same as traditional cigarettes. These devices do not produce smoke, preventing nearby parties from secondhand smoke, nor pose the fire hazard of traditional cigarettes. Keep abreast of these devices, as they are being heavily focused on.
  • … when deciding where people can smoke in your business. If you’re allowed smoking indoors, it may be best to keep smoking to certain area.


  • … treat cannabis, or marijuana, cigarettes the same as traditional nicotine ones. These cigarettes fall under vastly different rule and regulations, and while there are adjustments in recent years in the law towards legalization, it is nowhere near widespread legally accepted.
  • … allow your staff to be seen smoking. If it’s legally allowed, limit smoking coworkers and keep them out of sight. Many customers will find the visual of the person handling or cooking their food smoking to be unhealthy and unclean.