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Organized Maintenance Schedule


Keeping your establishment clean and in proper working order is key to building your profits. A poorly maintained operation will leave customers with a negative first impression of your business.  Instead of risking potential profits, keep your establishment clean and organized throughout 2018 by splitting your maintenance duties into daily, weekly, and monthly task lists:

Daily Maintenance

  • Wipe down kitchen equipment
  • Vacuum, dust, and clean front of house
  • Disinfect kitchen contact surfaces
  • Maintain beverage stations

Weekly Maintenance

  • Disinfect floor drains
  • Organize dry and refrigerated storage areas
  • Deep clean cooking equipment
  • Clean outside areas

Monthly Maintenance

  • Clean grease traps to code
  • Drain and sanitize ice machines
  • Extensive dusting of front of house
  • Wash the dining room walls

These maintenance duties are essential to running a safe and profitable business. If you wish to save employee labor expenses on more intensive maintenance duties, consider hiring seasoned professionals to complete these essential maintenance tasks during non-business hours.

HVAC Summer Maintenance


Have you properly prepared your HVAC system for summer? With temperatures on the rise, restaurants need to rely heavily on their HVAC systems to keep their operations open for business and running smoothly. While checking your system is important year-round, the summer months are a crucial time to maintain your HVAC system since the heat can place additional stress on the unit if not properly maintained. Performing regular checks on the HVAC system during the summer can help you avoid costly mistakes in the future.

Use the checklist below as a guide to making sure your HVAC system will be up and running for the entire summer.

  • Clean coils
  • Change filters
  • Check thermostat for functionality
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Check fluid and refrigerant levels
  • Clean ducts and airways
  • Tighten any loose connections
  • Remove any mold or debris on unit
  • Replace any faulty parts

Following this checklist can ensure the proper operation of your restaurant’s HVAC system. If additional or meticulous repairs are needed, hire a seasoned professional to perform any maintenance on the unit to avoid dangerous or expensive mistakes.

Spring Cleaning for the Season


How can you start a yearly spring cleaning program for your restaurant without getting overwhelmed by the process? By breaking your foodservice establishment into four specific cleaning zones, you can easily fight off the winter blues and prepare for the warmer weather.

1.       Dining Room

Aesthetics and cleanliness are extremely important in the dining room area since it is the most high-traffic space in the entire restaurant. In order to ready your dining room for spring, invest in professional cleaning for table linens, curtains, and carpets. Replace or repair damaged chairs, booths, and tables to make the best impression on your customers. Wipe and sanitize surfaces, windows, and light fixtures. Consider replacing uniforms for your staff to refresh your business for the season.

 2.      Restrooms

The restrooms in your foodservice establishment need to be fresh and clean all the time, but especially when transitioning into a new season. Make repairs of replacement for faucets, toilets, or other equipment to keep everything in working order. Make sure all fixtures, doors, tiles, walls, and floors get a deep, intensive cleaning to remove any dirt and grime. If your equipment is not functional or is older, consider upgrading to more efficient models.

3.      Kitchen

Even with regular cleanings, the kitchen still needs an intensive cleaning periodically throughout the year. Make sure your drains are in working order to avoid a costly repair down the line. Products like Green Drain can easily keep your drains running smoothly. Make sure to sanitize and disinfect all preparation or cooking areas. Consider getting the kitchen floors professionally cleaned to lift the ingrained dirt and grease from the tiles.

4.      Building Exterior

Make sure the exterior of your building is neat, tidy, and up-to-date. Consider getting the building professionally power washed or adding a fresh coat of paint to prepare your restaurant for spring. Manicure any overgrown foliage or consider hiring a landscaper to create a modern, professional design to intrigue incoming customers.

Use the warmer weather as an opportunity to improve the cleanliness of your foodservice operation today.