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Food Gradients and Photography


Social media channels have been taken by storm with the latest food photography trend: arranging fruits, vegetables, and other natural foods by their organic color. Many food lovers with a passion for the arts make it their mission to carefully select natural foods by their shade and arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing portrait. The color palettes chosen can range from an all-encompassing rainbow gradient to specific color shades. The arrangement will work as long as the shades transition from one shade to another in a virtually seamless display.

When photographing food gradients, natural foods tend to be the best and most popular showcase material because of their accessibility and varied organic colors. The unique re-imagination of common, natural foods make gradients extremely popular on social media. These photographs translate to a large audience of viewers because they showcase the authentic beauty of organic foods familiar with everyone worldwide.

To get more buzz on your restaurant’s social media accounts, you can start including food gradients in your regular postings. Beginning the process is as simple as a trip to the local farmer’s market. Start by selecting foods that relate to your specific business. Own a cute brunch café? Try choosing fresh fruit to photograph. Or if your menu includes Italian pasta dishes, you can select various vegetables, such as tomatoes or peppers, of different colors to grab the attention of customers online.

After choosing the correct natural foods, play around with your selections and begin arranging them in a color gradient format. If you would like a guide, specific color palettes in a multitude of shades can be referenced online with a quick search. Display options for the foods are unlimited and completely up to you – set the natural foods up in straight lines with even spacing or experiment with a more layered look against a clean backdrop. Adding these fun food gradients to your social media posts will not only help to market your business online, but will generate excitement for your restaurant in person too.

How to Perfect Your Restaurant’s Instagram

Having a social media presence is extremely important in the foodservice industry. Consumers often look at social media before making their dining out decisions. If your restaurant does not have an Instagram, or you have recently made an account, use these tips to perfect your page.

Set Goals
Decide what message you would like your followers to receive from your Instagram. Whether you choose fun and trendy or sophisticated and proper, this message should be consistent with the overall theme of your restaurant.

When it comes to taking pictures of your food, natural lighting will always make it look the best. Turn down some of the bright indoor lighting and open the curtains.

Camera Angle
Now it’s time to get creative. Choose a few camera angles that seem to work the best for you and be consistent throughout your Instagram. Try standing up, stepping back or even taking close ups.

Follow Back
When customers follow you, follow back! This is a great way to build your follower base and to bring in repeat customers. Encourage your customers to take pictures for you by tagging you on Instagram. Don’t forget about the repost app where you can feature customer’s posts. Also make sure to interact with customers by liking or commenting on their posts.

Use Hashtags
Hashtags will help to build your brand and increase your followers. Make sure to use very general hashtags when you first start your Instagram, and work your way into targeting a more specific audience.

Let’s Get Social

Social Media

If you have read our post from last week, you know how important it is to be social! Having a presence on social media for your food service establishment is crucial. Simply engaging with customers will help to increase revenue and influence customers to choose your business over your competitor. Here at Instawares, we are striving to become more social. Statistics show that social media is a major key to success, and statistics don’t lie!

With that being said, we have some big news: we have just launched a new Instawares social media page! Can you guess which social media platform we have just joined? Hint: keep reading and we will tell you!

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