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Build a Better Buffet Display


With mounting pressure to provide exceptional food displays, building a buffet from scratch can be a difficult task when catering events or entertaining large groups. However, with the growing usage of Pinterest design ideas and accessibility to innovative serving solutions, sometimes a basic buffet setup can fall flat with your audience. Spicing up your buffet style for weddings, company events, and catering displays can pay off in your profit margin. Follow these guidelines to create an eye-catching buffet display:

1. Find your theme and stick to it. Choosing a specific theme and keeping continuity are critical factors in your buffet display. Identify the color scheme, menu offerings, overall theme, and space limitations of the area. Once chosen, stick to your plan and theme to avoid overwhelming your guests with visuals.

2. Get pertinent equipment and main display pieces. Figure out how your food needs to be displayed. Some hot menu offerings need to stay warm throughout the event. Using a countertop warmer or buffet warmers can keep your food at ideal temperature until or during dinner time. Other display pieces, like risers and trays, can add depth and style to your tabletop.

3. Catch the eye of your guests. The key to pulling off a successful and creative buffet display is all in the style. Set risers, trays, and bowls at varying heights to creative visual interest. Plate your appetizers and dishes in a pleasant and organized manner to make the food look as good as it tastes.

4. Choose unique utensils and serving plates. The dishes and utensils used by your guests are just as important as the display itself. Consider investing in spectacular flatware and tableware, like bamboo picks, tongs, and trendy flatware.

Incorporate these tips into your next buffet display to get more attention for your foodservice operation.

Chalk It Up to Experience


When you think of melamine dishes, you often think of a durable alternative to china dinnerware in a basic pattern or limited color palette. However, the premier line of melamine serving products brought to you by G.E.T. will have you changing your opinion on the material. The exclusive G.E.T. line called Granville features an extensive amount of trendy, innovative melamine serving pieces. The Granville line offers products with a fresh appearance for the table, featuring display pieces with slate and faux wood looks. These pieces from G.E.T. are designed to enhance your food presentation at your restaurant.

The Granville line is perfect for adding an extra pump to any finished food product. For example, pair the Granville oak wood display board with a miniature fryer basket and your display game has instantly been taken to the next level. Even serve fresh grapes and a wedge of cheese for a classy appetizer at an upscale restaurant. Swap out mixed fruit onto the serving tray and instantly prepare your menu for an afternoon at a tea room.

Additionally, the matte display boards from G.E.T. mimic the look of slate with its sleek, dark gray finish. Looking to get that trendy chalkboard look worked into your wedding venue or restaurant menu? These display pieces also function as chalkboards and can easily be written on with chalk. So practice some faux calligraphy on the melamine and create a unique touch for any special occasion.

National Beer Lover’s Day

Serving craft beer is an easy way to boost your sales and attract new customers. Craft beer sales have steadily increased over the past year and now represent 21% of the overall beer market. By adding craft beer to you menu, you will show customers that you support your local community and enjoy providing your customers with a unique experience. When choosing craft beer for you menu remember a few things:

1. Choose beers that complement the season and climate.
Hot summer days and dark beers don’t typically go well together. Choose these beers for the cold months and fruity light beers for the summer months.

2. Use craft beer to enhance the food you serve.
Make sure your staff knows which beers are best served with specific cuisines.  For example, Porters shouldn’t be paired with salads, and Pilsners go great with salmon. Educate your staff to help your customers have the best experience possible.

 3. Use the correct glassware when serving craft beer.
Using the correct type of glass will allow you to charge more for the drink. If you’re not sure how to choose the best glassware for your beer, use our Craft Beer Basics flyer to learn the essentials about each type of beer glass and shop by product type.