How to Enhance Your Restaurant’s Curb Appeal


Have you ever driven around an unknown town and choose to dine at a restaurant based on its appearance? The answer to this question for most people is simply “yes”. Although some restaurants can get away with low curb appeal due to their regular customer base and amazing food, this is not the case for most. If your restaurant would like to increase business, use these simple tips to increase your curb appeal and give your restaurant a fresh new look:

Your sign is one of the most important aspects of your curb appeal. Your restaurant name should stand out and be visible at all times. If you have a light up sign and a bulb burns out, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Your sign should be consistent with your restaurant colors, brand and theme. Include a variety of signs in order to give your customers information about parking, hours, promotions or specials, logos, and menu items.

The front of your restaurant should be well lit in order attract customers and provide them with a safe environment. If you offer outdoor dining, make sure the space is well lit. Try using strands of light hanging over the outdoor dining area – no one likes to eat in the dark.

The very first thing your customers will experience at your restaurant is parking. Small, limited parking spaces provide your customers with a stressful experience. Make sure you offer plenty of parking and signs directing your customers where to park to make the parking experience as simple as possible. If you are unable to offer a large variety of parking, try adding free valet parking for all customers.

Depending on the type of your restaurant, choose colors that stick with your brand and theme. Fast food restaurants typically use bright and colorful pallets to attract customers from a distance. Casual and fine dining restaurants should use muted, calm color pallets to represent a relaxing atmosphere.

Maximize your curb appeal with attractive plants, fountains, rocks, etc. If you don’t have an eye for outdoor landscaping, hire a professional landscaper for advice. Use plants that are low maintenance and provide the perfect amount of color. Use rocks, plants and decorations to make your entrance as grand as possible, and don’t forget to water your plants!

One of the most important things to remember is to keep the outside of your restaurant clean. Do not allow weeds to grow through the cracks of the sidewalks or for the exterior of your building to look dirty. Keep the outside of your building clean and attractive in order to bring customers inside.