May Viral Videos

Every month, we’re treated with a host of viral videos. Take some time out of your day and see what’s gone on in the world of food. Grab lunch and hit play.

An amazing Publix employee breaks down a watermelon in 30 seconds.

A beer drone would make some days a little easier.

What should you do when someone fails at an attempt to break into your restaurant? Turn it into a commercial.

Pizza Hut Smoothie Tubers might just be the horrifying thing you need if you’re the person ordering pizza from their Xbox.

Coffee machines are a work of art; this music video is also one.

The history of product placement in movies has some high and low points.

We’ve all apparently been eating apples incorrectly.

Take a look at how many calories you can get for a dollar.

Need a new hand mixer? Why not make one out of LEGOs?

Opening a case of beer in well fell swoop has never been more intriguing.

Everyone has to have had their first taste of something.

What are the origins of the french dip?

Ryan Gosling just won’t eat his cereal.

Serving size just might not be what you think it is with many dishes.