Mongolian Chicken? KFC Opens First Western Restaurant In Mongolia

Ulan Bator is Mongolia’s capital and largest city. It features about 45% of the population of the country. It is landlocked by Russia and China. It has also been the home to a mining boom in recent years, thanks to a discovery of copper, coal, and gold.

It is also home to their first western restaurant chain.

KFC opened in the capital city last Wednesday, according to Huffington Post. By KFC’s estimations, they served nearly 3,000 people between a soft launch the day before and their opening day.

They hop to open 15 more locations in the next five years, with a second to open in June. There have been a few setbacks to the formation of a KFC in the country, namely due to it’s landlocked nature and the country’s national subsistence on beef and lamb. They’ve been importing chicken from the United States and Japan, with a heavy usage of frozen facilities, until local farmers can begin to produce the quality and quantity of chicken they’ve desired. Additionally, they’re hoping to add dishes to the menu that are Mongolian-cultured, such as fried dough, beef dishes, and spicier foods.

If KFC succeeds, Yum! Brands may introduce a sister chain, Pizza Hut, to the region.

Will KFC manage to last in the country? Can their beachhead into the country lead to others following in their footsteps?

Looking into a larger scope, have you ventured into a territory you had, or nobody else had? Tried some dishes that nobody had explored? Ventured into a style of service that’s new? As KFC has proven, you can have your biggest successes by going out of your comfort zone.