Prepare for Health Inspections


One of the most nerve-wracking experiences a restaurant owner can face is a health inspection. For many restaurant owners, the safety guidelines can be confusing and, at times, they may feel like their staff is unprepared for the review. Instead of dreading an upcoming evaluation, as restaurant owner, you can implement several practices beforehand to prepare you and your staff for the inspection.

  1. Check. Using a similar form that will be used to give your restaurant a health score during the inspection, examine your restaurant with unbiased eyes and run through the list of safety checkpoints yourself. Look for any problem areas that might be harmful to customers and cause you to score lower on the inspection.
  2. Talk. Remain open with your staff members about health inspections, the everyday safety practices expected out of them, and any concerns you have about an impending visit from the health inspector.
  3. Know. Prioritize and focus attention on the “trouble” areas in your foodservice operation and correct any employee safety mistakes.
  4. Train. Keep your employees up-to-date on current safety practices. Reinforce the importance of safe food handling and proper hand washing.
  5. Review. Check the local health codes for any special requirements in your specific area. Revisit past health inspections and make certain any docked points have been addressed and corrected for a forthcoming review.

By following these quick tips, your restaurant can soar above the expectations for the health inspection.